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Head Lice

Did you know that head lice are the most common ailment in Primary Schools outside the common cold?

Head lice are those nasty little parasites that can make every parents skin crawl, in fact, it’s said that 1 in 4 Primary School children will carry head lice at any one time! 

Head lice are prevalent all year round and NitWits are arming parents with effective solutions and information to rid these pests from our communities.

Head lice can be treated quickly and effectively. NitWits have developed a range of head lice products, that are kind to kids, to effectively tackle head lice and their eggs.

The NitWits website has a wealth of information on how to treat head lice and everything there is to know about them. Whether you're looking to prevent head lice or just get rid of head lice, NitWits can help with the right information and great head lice products.

Find a NitWits product to kill head lice and their eggs in one go | treat head lice naturally  | comb out head lice and eggs | check for head lice | prevent head lice.

Find out where to buy NitWits products.

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* Always read the label. Use only as directed.

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